Grand Opening!

Grand Opening!

Welcome to Novella! Just a few quick things:
1. Donations will be open after this weekends update. I'm hoping to finish the last 30 or so I have to be caught up. Donation details will be on discord.

2. Please be kind with deck categorizing. We did our best and it was a LOT to go through lol.

And finally, a few quick thank yous (until I get the site pages updated lol):
Christina - for literally coding everything and being so patient with my pestering! You're a wonderful friend ♡

Maron - for the amazing faded puzzle coding under Collecting! It makes that page look beautiful ♡

Mysti - for all the help with putting decks in the right categories! And just being an ear during manic moments lol. You're wonderful! ♡

Enjoy bookworms!